Our future is renewable

The Energieküste in western Schleswig-Holstein is the pioneering region in Germany when it comes to renewable energy. Everyone who wants to make a difference in the energy transition is welcome here. The Energieküste platform has created a strong network of development agencies, research institutes, associations and municipalities. This network connects people, initiatives and projects and showcases how the energy system of the future is emerging here in the north. While still being discussed elsewhere, an integrated energy system here becomes reality with renewable resources, innovative ideas and a doer’s mentality. This system is entirely based on the generation, storage and further processing of renewable energy. Find out more.

Dates Energieküste

Oct 04
4th October 2023 - 6th October 2023 EXPO REAL

International trade fair for real estate and investment

The trade fair covers the entire spectrum of the real estate industry and offers an international networking platform for the important markets from Europe, the Middle East to the USA.

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"Green, greener, greenest - how much sustainability must a location offer?"