OffTEC stands for working safely on the energy coast. In the Maritime Training Center, real waves are made with high-tech. Offshore staff and rescue workers as well as special forces from all over the world train here under all conditions.

The Maritime Training Center (MTC) uses the latest technology to ensure real marine scenarios.
It has a pool measuring 15 x 23 meters and 5.5 meters depht, as well as a wave system that produces waves more than 2 meters high. The 13-meter-high hall is equipped with a multi-story gallery including an escape slide, boat docking system, winches, and a jumping area.

A Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS) enables rescue training from an emergency watered helicopter. Light and sound systems as well as wind generators simulate various weather conditions and thus intensify the extremely realistic training sessions, just like on the high seas.

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The training program for survival at sea includes Sea Survival Training (GWO), Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Helicopter Abseiling and Rescue Training, Capsize Training (capsize training) and special maritime training courses tailored to individual requirements.

We train skilled workers, specialists
in their field in various industries,
for example the onshore and offshore wind industry.

We're not the ones who explain
our visitors how to do their
job - they know that very well themselves - but we train the things that shouldn't actually happen at all, making them even more self-confident and making the whole thing even
safer in action and at work."
Klaus Loesmann, Commercial Director OffTEC

Safety through authentic conditions - intense and real

High performance is required in dangerous situations, even when the senses are impaired by noise, smoke, storms, or water. That is why OffTEC relies on real technology and realistic simulations for training and further education. Whether 2-meter-high waves in the maritime training center, conflagration in the fire protection training center or high-altitude rescue in strong winds in the training wind farm - experiencing and coping with extreme situations is the best preparation.

OffTEC is a certified provider (GWO-BST and DGUV) for safety and technology training courses as well as basic and advanced training for staff in the onshore and offshore wind energy industry. In addition to real wind energy technology at the own training wind farm, facilities are available for HUET, Sea Survival, Helicopter, Height Rescue and Firefighting training. All training courses are offered plus accommodation at the company's own location in Enge-Sande, North Frisia.

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The focus here is on safety and rescue as well as wind energy plant technology on land and at sea. Another unique selling point are the maritime training scenarios for special forces of the police, the German armed forces, and other institutions as well as for internationally active special forces, which are offered under the specially created brand BRAVO ZULU. More than 39.000 certificates have already been issued since the company was founded in 2011.