Pioneers of the Energieküste. These are the people whose ideas and projects drive the energy transition.
This is no place for idle talk. On the Energy Coast we are working hard to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Targeted policy, research and consulting are the basis of our actions.

Value-added chains based entirely on renewable energies, 100% green city districts, partnerships across all sectors - on the Energy Coast the new world of energy is already becoming a reality. From the fields to the communities, from business start-ups to industry, on land and at sea - these and many other pioneers in your region make this region what it is. It is a place that paves the way to the future. For a future in which our energy system is 100% renewable.


“Geographically we’re at the edge of Germany, but we’re right at the centre of battery and storage technology.”

Torge Thönnessen, Managing Director Custom Cells

“We think energy production and use together, this is the only way sustainable solutions work.”

Ove Petersen, Managing Director GP JOULE

“But it’s not only the environmental conditions that are optimal – we collaborate very well with local stakeholders and politicians.”

Hanno Schnars, IFAM