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Sunny reinforcement

Clever sun worshippers:

The Energy Coast welcomes to the ranks of its new members SunOyster Systems GmbH (SOS) with its innovative solar technology project.

The "SunOyster" developed by the Halstenbek-based company combines the best of already existing systems in one installation. The SunOyster follows the sun all day long on two axes and converts its energy into electricity and heat.

Refreshment has also been thought of: the solar heat generated can be converted into cold very economically with the help of a thermal refrigerating machine. In strong winds, storms and at night, the SunOyster automatically secures itself in a protective position - just like an oyster closes its shells. Therefore, it can also be placed on the box seat for solar energy: the roof. Overall, according to SOS, the utilisation of space with the SunOyster is at least twice as high as with conventional PV. In regions with very good radiation, even 3-4 times higher.

>> 3-D Animation SunOyster

>> Website Sunoyster

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