The Research Center for Applied Battery Technology Schleswig-Holstein

In recent years, Fraunhofer ISIT has acquired numerous energy storage development projects, so that the existing laboratory and office space has reached its capacity limits. Therefore, Fraunhofer ISIT has started to establish with the support from the region a new research Center for Applied Battery Technology Schleswig-Holstein (FAB-SH) near Fraunhofer ISIT.

From material to cell

The FAB-SH strives for a prominent position in the national and international research competition. The foundation to lead this agenda already exists at ISIT. Among others, with the dry coating of electrodes and an ISIT-own separator technology, production processes have been developed and patented, which represent a unique position of ISIT.   

The dry coating process developed by Fraunhofer ISIT makes the use of solvents in electrode production obsolete.

In addition, the plant footprint for electrode coating is reduced by 70%, as the long and energy-intensive drying section is eliminated.

This results in significant energy and cost savings and is much more environmentally friendly.
Jannes Ophey, Head of manufacturing technology
on 29th of March 2022

In the field of battery cell technology, ISIT can among other things point to the development of high-performance cells and high-temperature batteries, which performance is in the top range of the current battery cell generation. The planned research center will enable accelerated and optimized industrialization of these and other battery technologies.

The FAB-SH will create 30 jobs for highly qualified employees such as scientists and engineers as well as for professionally trained personnel such as chemical assistants, technical assistants, mechanics, or electronics technicians. In addition, up to 20 students are planned

Laboratories and specialists will be provided to the large number of institutions and companies in Schleswig-Holstein that deal with aspects of energy storage technology.

We are delighted to be able to carry out development projects with our joint partners at the Itzehoe site.
Dr. Andreas Würsig, Head of the FAB-SH
on 17th of February 2022

Further project partners at the Battery Research Centre in Itzehoe