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What are you doing?

The other day in Niebüll. Over there is this new hydrogen filling station. One of the fabulous buses that have been commuting climate-friendly around Husum and Niebüll in public transport since May is being refuelled. My chance to learn more about this technology of the future. "'Excuse me, what are you doing?"

"I'm refuelling this fuel cell bus".
 "With hydrogen? Isn't that a gas?" There is no smell of diesel or petrol at this filling station. "The hydrogen is compressed and then forced into the tank at high pressure," he explains. "And how does the gas concentrate power the engine?" He gives me a long look. "The bus has a fuel cell that converts the hydrogen into electrical energy by reversing electrolysis, which then runs the e-motor." Wow, this bus driver knows all about it. Unfortunately, he's finished now.

"That was quick!"
"Just a few minutes of refuelling and the bus can go 400 km," he says. Brilliant! "Do you have to go? I'd love to know where the hydrogen comes from." Now the bus driver goes into raptures: "The groundbreaking project was built by GP JOULE and is called eFarm. Here, wind power is converted into hydrogen by means of PEM electrolysis and stored. The mobile storage containers are then trucked to H2 filling stations." I'm excited: "And Autokraft GmbH operates two buses to match." "Exactly. But of course other hydrogen cars can also fill up here." He looks at his watch: "But now I have to go, the ...

... Passengers love this eco-bus."
I take a look inside through the large windows: "It also looks extremely comfortable!" "And it's very quiet, has air conditioning and Wi-Fi. I'm always happy when I can drive one of the hydrogen buses. It's a good feeling to be travelling in an environmentally friendly way." I feel an urgent desire to get in immediately and experience the future of green hydrogen mobility for myself. And away goes Bernd Arens, the nice team leader driving personnel Bus North at DB Regio AG.
Many thanks from me and the climate!

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