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Vegetables without a CO2 footprint

All-round healthy in green, red and yellow: our new partner WESTHOF BIO Unternehmensgruppe, Friedrichsgabekoog, does not do things by halves when it comes to its young vegetables.

According to the motto "360° organic and sustainable", the convinced organic farmers build up a symbiotic energy and nutrient cycle in the west of Schleswig-Holstein. WESTHOF BIO has successfully perfected the particularly good thriving of the vital substance-rich little plants in over 30 years of organic cultivation experience on 1,000 hectares. For the entire production process of the vegetables - cultivation, processing, sale fresh and deep-frozen - the group wants to rely completely on renewable energies in the future, namely self-generated ones.

Natural resources in a three-pack: The concept of demand-oriented, flexible generation includes solar energy, wind power and biogas. By 2020, WESTHOF BIO will have already produced 60 percent of the heat and electricity it needs itself with renewables. For example, a four-hectare greenhouse at the Wöhrden site is operated with Westhof's own biogas plant and two biomethane CHPs. The organic experts are not at a loss for sustainable good ideas - the "fodder" for the biogas is provided by clover grass or flowering meadows from organic farming as well as organic vegetables that are not fit for consumption.

Last but not least, the - literally - green electricity is fed into the public grid as needed, supplying up to 8,000 households.

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