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There's something to see at practically every turn on the Energy Coast. Amazing, groundbreaking, endearing things. Schleswig-Holstein's west coast in moving pictures and sustainable words - film off!

3rd Infrastructure Forum Energieküste

Controversial and constructive for the climate: the rapid energy transition on Schleswig-Holstein's west coast was the topic in Brunsbüttel on 4th May 2023. From "We don't need LNG infrastructure" to "Where to go with the energy transition? - regional actors discussed the pressing issues. These included the grid operators' plans for new power lines, converters and substations, the next steps in building an H2 economy and the future electricity market design. Have fun watching!

2st Energieküste Infrastructure Forum

The energy transition hotspot is stepping on the gas: at the 2nd Infrastructure Forum Energieküste conference, around 130 movers and shakers discussed the further expansion of gas, electricity and hydrogen networks between Brunsbüttel, Heide and in the German North Sea. Nails on the head included: Schleswig-Holstein's Energytransition Minister Tobias Goldschmidt presented a cooperation agreement on the expansion of power lines in the Dithmarschen region.

Specialist conference from 17 November 2022.

WindEnergy 2022

Schleswig-Holstein Wind: Yes, we can! The innovative power on the Energieküste is more dynamic than ever. The lively Energy Coast Talk, with entrepreneurs from Thyssenkrupp MS and GP JOULE, among others, provided important impulses for the energy transition.

Exchange and stimulate after a day at WindEnergy. As the initiator, Energieküste, with the support of SkySails Group, TenneT TSO GmbH and EE.SH, invited guests to a relaxed get-together. The guests enjoyed the talks and the repertoire. Top speakers made a rousing plea for "the cohesion of the industry in these difficult, energy-political times".

Hanover Fair Industry

Real green energy in abundance - the potentials on the Energieküste are unique.

Day, talk and visit of the Minister of Economics at the Schleswig-Holstein stand.

Hanover from 30 May to 2 June 2022

1st Energieküste Infrastructure Forum

Experts discuss pipeline infrastructure projects for electricity, gas, hydrogen and oxygen on the West Coast at the specialist conference in Heide. Find out what plans Dr Sandra Niebler, Raffinerie Heide GmbH, has for the construction of electrolysis plants. And how Thorsten Dietz, TenneT TSO GmbH, sees the future of green energy on the West Coast.

Specialist conference from 31 March 2022.

More high-tech for the West Coast

Industrial project worth billions on the west coast.
The Swedish company Northvolt is planning a battery gigafactory in Heide.

Press conference on 15 March 2022.

Our future is renewable

Incubator for innovation

Innovative companies, committed municipalities and strong economic development companies are creating the energy system of the future on the Energy Coast.
A system that is 100 per cent based on the generation, storage and processing of renewable energy. Green energy is accelerating the energy transition and at the same time creating new value in a wide range of sectors.

Doers of the Energieküste

Mai-Inken Knackfuß, watt_2.0 e.V.

Managing Director of our partner watt_2.0 e.V., is a convinced "coastal child" not only professionally.
What drives the committed front woman of the Schleswig-Holstein-wide industry association? Get to know her visions, background and motivation for modernising the energy supply.

Doers of the Energieküste

Wilfried Ritter, Windcloud 4.0 GmbH

Founder of our partner windcloud 4.0 GmbH, presents a CO₂-absorbing data centre.Get an idea of the sophisticated system that uses the waste heat from the computers creatively and effectively for the energy transition. Green helpers that filter and bind CO₂ from the air thrive in the in-house greenhouse.

Doers of the Energieküste

Dr Carsten Corino, SunOyster Systems GmbH

Founder of our partner SunOyster Systems GmbH, developed a complex technology for clever solar collectors in a small team. The patented SunOyster not only follows the sun all day long, it also independently protects the mirror surfaces from strong winds. Let yourself be fascinated by the oyster that generates heat and electricity.

Doers of the Energieküste

Klaus Loesmann, OffTEC GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director of our partner OffTEC GmbH & Co. KG, ensures safe work on the energy coast. In the Maritime Training Centre, high-tech is used to create real sea scenarios - offshore personnel and rescue forces such as special forces train here in wind, waves and weather.

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