5th Infrastructure Forum Energieküste

Exciting developments: Moving forward with courage and ideas

The Northvolt settlement, the hydrogen grid development initiative, the climate neutrality grid - the main topics of the 5th Infrastructure Forum MEKUN and Energieküste on 23 May 2024 in Heide provided plenty of material for information, discussions and inspiration. Anyone who wants to be involved in the transformation of Schleswig-Holstein's west coast needs to be here. The interest of the movers and shakers from business, industry, research and politics in the established forum was correspondingly high.

We can only manage transformations on a broad basis
Norbert Drengk, Deputy District Administrator of the Dithmarschen district

Implement concepts quickly
The expansion of the energy line infrastructure, as well as various other technical and social infrastructures, must proceed quickly, according to the tenor. District Administrator Claudius Teske, Steinburg district: ‘Infrastructure and housing in particular are also our big issues’. Dirk Burmeister, Director of the Development Agency Region Heide, agreed: ‘The Northvolt settlement would not have been possible without the city-countryside concept.’ 

Identifying new clusters
‘You have to look far ahead,’ said René Hendricks, Senior Advisor Political Affairs at TenneT TSO GmbH. Where should future settlements be established? Which locations and regions want to support the green energy transition and emulate Heide, for example?

We as society define where clusters should be located, except in Heide and Brunsbüttel.
René Hendricks, TenneT TSO GmbH


‘Turning acceptance into enthusiasm’
‘The transformation to climate neutrality requires dialogue with all people involved,’ said State Secretary for Energy Joschka Knuth. And: ‘We need people's acceptance and a positive understanding that we are becoming a more international region.’ Always pull together - also when it comes to skilled labour: ‘As Schleswig-Holstein, we must work together to recruit skilled workers and not against each other,’ said Knuth.


‘The Energieküste is one of the most exciting development regions in the country, Europe, if not the whole world'
Energy Transition State Secretary Joschka Knuth

Brainstorming with everyone
In the three themed islands - the H2 S-H grid development initiative, climate-neutral business and power grid expansion on the Energieküste - all participants in the infrastructure forum were asked to contribute. Under the moderation of renowned players from Schleswig-Holstein Netz, Amprion, WiMi S-H and WT.SH, for example, valuable suggestions and experiences were contributed and new ideas developed. The huge grid expansion map from TenneT TSO GmbH was particularly illustrative and much admired.

Joschka Knuth summarised: ‘We are a country with courage, ideas and a lot of experience. We are taking many good ideas with us today!’

The participants of the panel discussion with Joschka Knuth:
– Peter Gruchalla, Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG
– Fabian Faller, GP JOULE
– René Hendricks, TenneT TSO
– Lenn Jelte Mügge, Northvolt
– Claudius Teske, District of Steinburg

The 6th Infrastructure Forum Energieküste will take place on 28 November 2024 at the Elbeforum Brunsbüttel.



> Press release from the state government of Schleswig-Holstein

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