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Industrial project worth billions on the west coast

Northvolt is planning a battery gigafactory in Heide

More high-tech for the West Coast: Swedish company Northvolt is planning a battery gigafactory in Heide.

Stockholm, Skellefteå, Salzgitter and now Heide in Dithmarschen - that's where the Swedish high-tech company Northvolt is planning a new factory to produce battery cells. In February, the state government and the company signed a joint declaration of intent, said Minister President Daniel Günther at a press conference in Heide. Schleswig-Holstein is the ideal location to produce sustainable car batteries, he said in the presence of Northvolt CEO Peter Mikael Carlsson in Heide. "Especially here on the West Coast we have green electricity in abundance." Northvolt plans to produce a good one million e-car batteries a year in the new factory in the future.

> Infomation from the Schleswig-Holstein state government


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The Schleswig-Holstein North Sea coast is Germany's future location for renewable energies. Experts, researchers, creative minds and energy enthusiasts are shaping a highly innovative energy system from existing resources here. To bundle their know-how, the districts of North Frisia, Dithmarschen, Steinburg and Pinneberg founded the umbrella brand and platform "Energieküste". The aim of the districts, which have joined together to form the “Regionale Kooperation Westküste” and are regarded as incubators for innovations in the field of renewable energies, is to strengthen the existing economy, attract new companies and skilled workers and create a concise image for the business location. The "Energieküste" is financed with funds from the “Regionale Kooperation Westküste” budget, supported by the state programme Economy, and the four districts of the “Regionale Kooperation Westküste”

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