Oh, là, là - French Embassy invites Energieküste

The successes of Schleswig-Holstein's west coast as a pioneering region for renewable energies are known far beyond the borders of Germany. French industry, especially "La French Fab", is also interested in the groundbreaking concepts in sustainability and energy transition. The Energieküste was very happy to accept the invitation to present itself at the French national stand at WindEnergy Hamburg on 29.09.2022. 

No less than 26 companies from the wind energy sector were united at the French stand and followed the presentation by Energieküste project manager Kirsten Voss on the innovative projects. As a bonbon, she brought along Jean-Marie Poignon, who, as Key Account Manager of the GP JOULE Group, introduced the company and its current wind energy and hydrogen developments to his compatriots.

In a very short time, the Energieküste and GP JOULE were thus able to expand their contacts, including with "La Région Occitanie". Merci beaucoup!