Schleswig-Holstein Wind: Yes, we can – again?

But yes! Unanimity among the high-calibre participants of the captivating panel discussion at WindEnergy Hamburg: The innovative power on the Energieküste is more dynamic than ever. 

Germany's Green Energy Valley on the West Coast is a unique future location for renewable energies. This was also confirmed by Claus Ruhe Madsen, the eagerly awaited new Minister for Economics, Transport, Labour, Technology and Tourism of Schleswig-Holstein.



"Land resources are one thing, skilled workers are another. Here Schleswig-Holstein has a huge advantage: super quality of life between the seas."
Claus Ruhe Madsen, Minister for Economic Affairs, Transport, Labour, Technology and Tourism SH

Numerous members of the audience accompanied the lively Energieküste Talk, which was inspired with entrepreneurs from Thyssenkrupp MS and GP JOULE, among others, as well as representatives from development agencies.



Energieküste Talk

Sep 27
27th September 2022, 14:45 - 15:15 Participants in the discussion round on 27 September 2022