"We have to speed up, otherwise the candy will be eaten"

Hot topic, top-class participants - the exciting ENERGIEKÜSTE TALK at Hannover Messe 2022 was a complete success and kept numerous spectators at the Energieküste stand. 

For around an hour, entrepreneurs from TenneT, Northvolt and GP JOULE, together with representatives from the Heide Region Development Agency and the Ministry for Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment, Nature and Digitalisation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, discussed "Energy transition and supply: Current Developments". 

The status quo on the Energieküste, in Schleswig-Holstein and in the Federal Republic of Germany led the experts to draw a unanimous conclusion: faster, even faster, as fast as possible.



In the next two years, we have to really speed up, otherwise the candy will be eaten. We have to become more pragmatic, as quickly as possible
Ove Petersen, CEO GP JOULE GmbH, and Dirk Burmeister, Board of Directors Entwicklungsagentur Region Heide, agree
A new golden age is in store for the West Coast if we invest now in rail, roads, housing and sustainable mobility solutions. Logic should prevail in the transformation process.
Nicolas Steinbacher, Head of Strategy & Programme at Northvolt Germany

Energieküste Talk

Participants in the discussion round on 1 June 2022