Liberté perfait - an inspiring evening with fantastic views.

Exchanging ideas and inspiring- a piece of freedom after a day at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022. As the initiator, Energieküste, with the support of SkySails Group, TenneT TSO GmbH and EE.SH, had invited guests to a relaxed get-together at Liberté at the Altona fish market. Surrounded by water, a refreshing breeze and the breathtaking atmosphere of the world port, the "gateway to the world", the fabulous setting for an unforgettable evening. 

The guests, including pioneers and movers and shakers from the West Coast, politicians from Schleswig-Holstein and players from the research community, enjoyed the talks and the repertoire. "The new freedom of wind power" with SkySails Managing Director Stephan Wrage, "Energy security and energy transition in turbulent times" by TenneT Director Public Affairs & Communications Vera Brenzel - top speakers pleaded in rousing speeches for "the cohesion of the industry in these difficult, energy-political times". 
So it was also an enthusing "courage-maker" evening that inspired all the guests.