Boom against the real estate trend

Schleswig-Holstein is building ahead. New sustainable projects are springing up everywhere on the Energieküste, while the international real estate industry was only cautiously optimistic at EXPO REAL 2023. Energiewende makes dynamic - so the ENERGIEKÜSTE TALK asked "Green, greener, greenest - how much sustainability must a location offer?" Topics such as Northvolt's possible location decision for the Energieküste, the green transformation and infrastructure development were the focus. 

The importance and impact of a potential Northvolt Gigafactory in Heide was extensively discussed by the participants.

Schleswig-Holstein is an attractive federal state with many good arguments for the Northvolt location.
Arne Claussen, Manager Strategic Projects, Northvolt Germany
When Brussels decides, we have to pick up the spades and get going.
Claus Ruhe Madsen, Minister of Economics, Transport, Labor, Technology and Tourism Schleswig-Holstein

"There is huge growth in northern Sweden, triggered by the establishment of Northvolt," said Dirk Burmeister, board member of the Heide Region Development Agency. "We in itself have to work against the general real estate trend now."

For Northvolt, too, settling on the Energieküste would be a giga-task. 

Employing and accommodating 3,000 people will be a challenge, but we already have people from 120 nations working here.
Arne Claussen, Manager Strategic Projects, Northvolt Germany
We have to accommodate a whole lot of follow-on settlements, and we have a decent amount of work to do there.
Dr Hinrich Habeck, Managing Director of WTSH GmbH

Areas with energy transition plus in the No. 1 location of the future - the successes of the first climate-neutral German federal state speak for themselves. The northerners have everything under control, also thinks Claus Ruhe Madsen: "I don't see a sleepy-Holstein at all. If already such a term, then rather a awake-Holstein."

Following the exciting talk, the participants exchanged views in conversation about further details of a possible Northvolt settlement, before networking took place in the evening at the "North German Reception" in a large, convivial setting.


Participants of the discussion round on October 4, 2023