3rd Infrastructure Forum Energieküste

Controversial and constructive for the climate

The 3rd Infrastructure Forum Energieküste and MEKUN on 4 May 2023 focused on the rapid energy transition on Schleswig-Holstein's west coast. Stakeholders from regional business, industry, politics and also interest groups discussed pressing issues: grid operators' plans for new power lines, converters and substations, the next steps in building a hydrogen economy and the future electricity market design. 

For the first time, grid operators are starting from the goal of climate neutrality as a starting point for line projects. This is a real innovation in grid expansion.
Energy State Secretary Joschka Knuth

"We don't need LNG infrastructure"
The planning of new grids or the conversion of existing infrastructure for the transport of hydrogen was emphatically rejected by Dr Reinhard Knof and Norbert Pralow, Climate Alliance Against LNG.

It is right to expand the electricity grids for the renewable energy transition, but we don't need new gas infrastructure.
Dr Reinhard Knof, Climate Alliance against LNG

For one thing, the conversion of the LNG network for hydrogen is not so simple, depending on the form in which it is to be transported. Secondly, it is not known whether there will be any demand for it at all.

Where to go with the energy transition?

Another hotly debated issue at the Brunsbüttel Elbe Forum was the space needed for the necessary infrastructure. "The power grid of the future must be built as efficiently and space-savingly as possible," said Knuth.

The energy transition needs space. But neither the population nor nature should suffer as a result.
Stefan Mohrdieck, District Administrator of the Dithmarschen district

Especially with the major spatial changes on the ground, it is important to take the people and communities with us. Future generations, in particular, will benefit from a high-performance energy grid that has been developed in cooperation with all stakeholders, Mohrdieck explained.

Every voice counts

Contributing to shaping the future: In the afternoon, all participants of the Infrastructure Forum had the opportunity to bring in their ideas and opinions in one of four workshops. The results on topics such as decentralised RE generation and H2 will flow into the further work of MEKUN and will be taken into account in the planning of the next Infrastructure Forum.

For a climate-neutral future: It pays to be there and to participate! The 4th Energieküste Infrastructure Forum is scheduled to take place in November 2023.


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