1st Infrastructure Forum Energieküste

New communication platform in Germany's Green Energy Valley

Successful renewable energy forum: Around 100 actors followed the invitation of State Secretary for Energy Tobias Goldschmidt and met in Heide on 31 March 2022 for the 1st Infrastructure Forum Energieküste. The agenda included the current and planned pipeline infrastructure projects for electricity, gas, hydrogen and oxygen on Schleswig-Holstein's west coast. 

This is the green energy hub of Germany, maybe even Europe.
Thorsten Dietz
authorised signatory of TenneT TSO GmbH

The Energieküste combines many renewable energies, a lot of new entrepreneurship and many new pipeline infrastructures. The Heide and Brunsbüttel sites in particular are becoming hubs for energy transition infrastructure. A large number of electricity, gas, water and oxygen pipelines as well as converters and transformer stations have already been built here. More are planned and envisaged for the future. Coordination on a larger scale is therefore important for the best possible pipeline infrastructure development. Requirements and problems in the implementation of the various projects can thus be clarified in advance.

You meet like-minded people and realise that we are not alone in the industry, but that everyone has similar problems.
Dr. Sandra Niebler
Head of Commercial and Economics at Raffinerie Heide GmbH

In several presentations, regional actors presented their current plans for electricity and hydrogen infrastructure as well as energy transition needs from hydrogen, heat and mobility projects on the Energieküste. Finally, experts talked in a panel about how the plans and needs fit together, which problems and obstacles are foreseeable and what the central factors for success are.

Today was a very important meeting in Heide and in the region around Heide, in fact on the whole west coast in Schleswig-Holstein.
Tobias Goldschmidt
State Secretary MELUND SH

The participants agreed that a regular repetition of this exchange platform is important and helpful. One of the goals defined was that the people in the region should benefit from the energy transformation. It was noted as desirable to minimise risks through regulation and with political will to implement.

We need to get into harvest mode now and for that we need a strong team and we felt the team today.
Dirk Burmeister
Executive Board Entwicklungsagentur Region Heide

After the successful premiere, the 2nd Infrastructure Forum Energieküste is planned for the end of 2022.

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